A downloadable game for macOS

Downloads (July 2017) are made available per-controller.  Currently tested/supported preconfigurations are PS3 Afterglow on bluetooth, and NES30 Pro (from 8bitdo).  The system 

Inspired by the challenging task of wild fire fighters, focussing on saving people, while battling an rapid-moving and seemingly unstoppable inferno.

More versions (Windows, iOS, Android) to come, when time permits.

This is my first submission to itch, and my first released Unity game, so hopefully any glitches are few and far-between. Enjoy!! :) It was tremendously fun to make.

Gamepad controls set according to the PS3 Afterglow controller, but can be changed in setup before launching game.


Rapid Fire.app.zip 17 MB
Rapid Fire - 8bitdo NESPro 30 controller 18 MB
Rapid Fire - Afterglow controller 18 MB

Development log


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First post on the first game I've uploaded to itch. Woo..