Gamepad updates

The game pads I have in hand for testing are pictured. They are NES30 Pro from 8bitdo and Afterglow AP2 for PS3.

Side note, the NES30 pro is a very poor quality controller. The reviews of it are solid, and I feel the same. Don't buy it except for looks... which is why I bought it, hoping it was good. Nope. But I digress...

The Gamepad API in modern browsers is a bit flaky, but not so bad. EELemental only operates with 3 particular gamepad button presses:

  • right-joystick left (turn counter-clockwise),
  • right-joystick right (turn clockwise),
  • R1 (zoom in/out)
Press the black square in top-right to show/hide the gamepad panel. You will see the currently-attached gamepads that the Gamepad API recognizes, as operating in your browser. If your gamepads are not plugged in, the live recognition for newly-attached gamepads will probably fail. The simple solution is plug in the gamepad, refresh the page.

When looking at the gamepad panel, and you see your gamepad listed (see attached image). Click Learn, and follow the prompts. Press Face-UP first, then Face-Down, and after these two have been learned, you can use them respectively to UNDO, or SKIP any upcoming buttons/joystick directions. Again, the only necessary controls are right-stick left & right, and R1

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May 10, 2017


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